In trying to bring legal services to the masses and help people who need legal help but cannot afford it I offered a free consultation.  I no longer do. I genuinely believed that if people had a chance to get to know me and the service I provide that they would want to hire me. People have repeatedly told me that if I give enough “free” content that people will engage you. It’s supposed to be the law of reciprocation. Afterall, people are tired of attorneys charging for every little thing.  The problem is that for the law of reciprocation to work, the other person must feel some obligation.  Generally speaking, people value what they pay for. People do not appreciate things they can get free.

Law of Reciprocation Does Not Work for Attorneys

Here’s the problem with that almost all the people who ask free consultations do not hire me, and I suspect never had any intention of engaging me.  I believe they think that because I’m an attorney I have lots of money and that I can afford to give them free consultations without losing anything.  The potential client that wants a free consultation is only interested in getting something for free, not engaging an attorney.

People who are serious have no problem paying for legal help.  They recognize that they need help beyond what a free consultation could do for them.

Continue to Help People in Need

I will still answer questions, and I will always help people who call. I am not changing that. However, I will no longer block out time to talk with someone who wants something for free.

A Free Consultation Wastes Time

My last free consultation cemented that for me.  The potential client requested an appointment last minute the night before.  Then the morning of the meeting they asked to change it to a later time. I told them the time that I had available.  They did not respond. I called them when I was available.  They did not answer the phone.

The free consultation before that one was similar.  In fact, most of the potential clients that want free consultations are about the same.  Perhaps it was a few people who were like that, but they ruined it for the rest.

Keep On, Keeping On – Doing What’s Right – Let’s Work Together

I want to help people.  That is why I went to law school.  I cannot help people for free when I have a family to feed, and people are unwilling to follow the law of reciprocation.

If you want to book a consultation to see how I can solve your legal problem click the button below.  I would be happy to talk to you.

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